About Doqomidi Stylus-P03

  • Type-C Charging: Our stylus features convenient Type-C charging, eliminating battery concerns. Simply plug in the charging cable for quick and hassle-free charging, ensuring practicality and ease of use.
  • Real-time power display: Ipad bluetooth power display, and the remaining power can be quickly known, will never worry about driving.
  • Strong Signal and Fast Connection: Our stylus boasts excellent signal strength and fast connection speed, ensuring a stable connection with your iPad. Say goodbye to worries of disconnection or lag, and enjoy the convenience of wireless creativity and usage.
  • Comfortable Grip: We prioritize the ergonomic design and premium materials of our stylus, providing a comfortable grip that allows for extended use without fatigue. Experience the joy of continuous creativity and usage for prolonged periods.
  • More Convenient Operations : Just like the apple pen, swipe from the bottom left to the top right corner of the iPad screen to take a screenshot, double-tap to quickly open a memo, convert your handwriting into text, turn hand-drawn graphics into standard perfect patterns. Click take a picture, double-click to pop up recently used programs. Feel free to unleash your creativity on apps like Procreate, whether you're sketching on an iPad, taking notes in class, taking meeting notes, signing PDFS
  • Precise and Smooth Use Experience: The 1.7mm pen tip can replace the finger to perform finer instructions, the stylus slides smoothly on the tablet screen, no lag/offset/break point! Compared with ordinary stylus, the sensitivity is higher, the signal is more accurate, and the hand feel is more comfortable. Replacement nibs are universal models for 2nd generation Apple Pencil and 1st generation apple pencil
  • Palm Rejection & Tilt Function: With the palm rejection function, you can also rest your hands (without gloves) on the screen comfortably. The latest tilt-sensing technology, the iPad pen accurately draws lines of varying depths and thicknesses depending on the angle and intensity of writing. Please feel free to contact us if you don't like your new iPad pencil, we will try our best to solve the problem for you