• Precision Trackpad - Navigate iPad in a whole new way with multi-gesture controls that redefine productivity; edit documents, browse the web and build presentations with unparalleled speed.
  • Illuminated Typing - Type quickly and accurately on a laptop-like keyboard with a full row of iPadOS shortcuts and laser-etched keys that allow an adjustable 7-color RGB LED backlight to shine through.
  • 180° Fold Back + 360° rotation , 7 Use Modes - A patented 360° hinge (20,000-cycle stress tested) lets you comfortably use iPad for any task from typing notes to watching videos to using iPad in its native form in tablet mode.
  • Smart Features - Premium hard-shell design protects all sides of your iPad; auto sleep/wake initiates when keyboard case is opened & closed to conserve battery life.Up to 6 months of battery life per charge
  • Holder for Apple Pencil so it won't get lost or in the way.
  • Connects via Bluetooth 5.0
  • Lightweight and travel frien
  • Sleek, modern design