Keyboard Case for 10.9"-11" iPad (Pro1,2,3,4,Air4,5)

DOQOMIDI Floating Cantilever Stand Magnetic Keyboard Case Compatible with iPad Pro 11" (1st-4th Gen), iPad Air 10.9"(Air 4 & Air 5),iPad Case with iPadOS Shortcuts, Multi-Touch Trackpad, 7-Color Backlit
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Color:  White
Keyboard Layout:  US

Unlock Limitless Possibilities

Unleash your iPad's full potential with our transformative solution.
Experience an immersive Apple experience with enhanced control and productivity.

11" iPad Pro 1st-4th generation

2018 iPad Pro 11 Gen 1 (Model #'s: A1934, A1979, A1980, A2013)

2020 iPad Pro 11 Gen 2 (Model #'s: A2228, A2231, A2068, A2230)

2021 iPad Pro 11 Gen 3 (Model #'s: A2301, A2459, A2460, A2377)

2022 iPad Pro 11 Gen 4 (Model #'s: A2759, A2435, A2761, A2762)

10.9" iPad Air 4 & Air 5 generation

2020 iPad Air Gen 4 - 10.9 (Model #'s: A2316, A2324, A2325, A2072)

2022 iPad Air Gen 5 - 10.9 (Model #'s: A2588, A2589, A2591)

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  • 7-Color Backlight Keyboard with Shortcuts - Fluidly and accurately typing on the lighted 11 Pro case with keyboard even in a dark room, ergonomic keys, 7 colors backlight, three adjustable backlight brightness levels, give you a comfortable typing experience.
  • The keyboard and trackpad are compatible with iOS and iPadOS and have a full row of shortcuts for PadOS to adjust brightness levels, change backlight colors, media, volume control, and more one-touch actions.
  • Precise Built-in Touchpad - Navigates your iPad Pro 11 in a whole new way with a multi-touch touchpad, scroll, swipe, and more. The palm rejection function initiates when you are typing on the 11 keyboard, disabling the touchpad when you type. Edit documents, browse the web, and build presentations at an unparalleled speed.
  • Smart Features - Magnetically attach your iPad to the back cover, attached your Apple Pencil on top, no matter you are in the Cafe, or in the office, smoothly transform your iPad Pro 11-inch case with keyboard into a laptop within a second.
  • The iPad Pro 11 keyboard case comes with an exterior synthetic vegan leather, folds into a slim protective cover, gives front and back protection to your iPad, ensures your iPad stays safe, perfect for traveling, business, school.
  • Fast and reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

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iPad Liberation at Its Finest

Experience the true potential of your iPad with Doqomidi. This innovative accessory liberates your device, transforming it into a productivity powerhouse. with an adjustable magnetic back cover, haptic backlit keyboard, touchpad and Apple Pencil magnetic stand, Doqomidi empowers you to maximize your iPad's capabilities like never before. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new level of productivity that rivals even your Macbook. Free your iPad and unlock endless possibilities with Doqomidi.

Practicality + Protection

Makes all your tasks easy: emailing, messaging, browsing, gaming, and anything else you need to do with a keyboard. Plus, it has LED backlighting to illuminate the keys in the dark. But it's not all about utility, the Doqomidi is made from PU leather, protecting your iPad from bumps, scrapes, and drops, so it remains in peak condition for every mission.

Seamless Fusion, Intelligent Design

With a stylish exterior and minimalist keyboard seamlessly integrated with your iPad, it becomes an extension of the device itself. The precisely weighted base provides stable support for your iPad's weight in any screen position. Experience a sense of wholeness and natural extension, making your iPad feel complete and harmonious.

Power That Endures

Ignite your device with unrivaled power and longevity. Our product features a formidable 450mAh battery, charging in less than 3 hours, and offering an astounding standby time of 180 days. Embrace endless possibilities without the worry of running out of juice. Get ready to experience uninterrupted performance like never before.

Ultimate iPad Hub

Enhance your iPad experience by including our versatile 6-in-1 iPad Connector Hub in your order. Expand your device's capabilities with a 4k HDMI port, USB-C slot, SD/TF card reader, USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlock the full potential of your iPad and enjoy a world of limitless possibilities.
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